Medical Hospital Oxygen Plant Manufacturing Company

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We manufacture and supply oxygen plants that find application in industries such as medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, metal, paper and pulp, etc. With applications in so many industries, the demand for medical oxygen gas plant in dubai, United Arab Emirates is increasing day by day. For manufacturing high quality medical oxygen gas plants, we have entered into collaboration with an Italian company, famous in the industry for its advanced technology and designs. Apart from the technology transfer, we also send our engineers to Italy for getting training. We also have an in-house R & D team who are always innovating our machinery.

Our oxygen plant process is known for their reliability, durability and functionalities. Our oxygen plant setup cost is competitive as compared to other oxygen plant manufacturers. Moreover, we use the most advanced technology, "Felice Mandressi of Italy", available in the industry to stay competitive. Since customer satisfaction is at the very core of our endeavor, we make every effort to deliver best oxygen machinery. Ever since our inception in 1997, we have exports more than 200 units to customers in countries like oxygen gas plant in Yemen, liquid oxygen plant in UAE, air separation plant in UK, oxygen plant in South Africa, cryogen oxygen plant in Nigeria, oxygen nitrogen gas plant in Saudi Arabia, liquid nitrogen plant in Iraq, oxygen generator in zimbabwe, oxygen machine in Nepal, oxygen production plant in Syria, Oxygen gas generating plant in Peru, oxygen making machine in Oman. To our credit, all our customers are satisfied with the performance of units bought from us. They are also satisfied with the after sales service we offer.

Main characteristics of our oxygen manufacturing plants

  • No raw materials required
  • Low power consumption
  • Fully automated
  • Stainless steel column
  • Direct cylinder filling no gas loss
  • Low maintenance and operational cost

Besides technology, we put great emphasis on quality of our oxygen gas plants. It is our belief that quality is what makes your product stand out in the market. From the beginning of our endeavor, we have always invested considerable resources in maintaining the quality of our products. At our oxygen generating plants, quality analysts put our products through stringent testing to ensure that they perform at their optimum level.

It is by virtue of maintaining quality and cost of our gas medical oxygen plants that we have been awarded ISO and CE certifications. For selling in the European or the North American market, the oxygen plant exporters are required to have the CE certification. It is the highest quality rating available in the industry. Besides, all components that go into making our oxygen equipment are sourced only from the approved vendors.

Our oxygen producing plants come in various capacities ranging from 50 m3/hr to 10000 m3/hr. The oxygen generated in our units has purity level of 99.7% and that of nitrogen is 99.99%.

oxygen plant


Oxygen nitrogen plants of our organization are high performing, fully automatic and reliable. With capacity from 50 m3/hr to 5000 m3/hr, they generate oxygen and nitrogen both.

oxygen plant


Liquid oxygen plant generates liquid oxygen and nitrogen, which find application in a number of industries such as medical, water, chemical, and the list goes on.

oxygen plant


Acetylene plants are designed and manufactured as per the latest Italian technology in order to meet the requirement of international market.