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Author: vijay joshi

air separation plant/unit

Air Separation Plant/Unit Market high Demand & Growing Industry

Industries engaged in manufacturing and other similar businesses require industrial gases which produced via an air separation plant. There is no denying the fact that industrial gas is a growing industry as manufacturing is picking up in countries like China, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa with India leading the pack.  Obviously, there will be high market…
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What is the Process for making oxygen for hospitals?

There are numerous techniques for generating oxygen for hospitals including cryogenic distillation and pressure swing adsorption. We manufacture cryogenic air separation plants for generating oxygen for hospitals. The air separation unit (ASUs) taps atmospheric air for liquefaction for generating high purity oxygen. The air is compressed after it is let into the ASU and is…
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How does air separation unit function?

Air separation unit (ASU) is an industrial system for producing industrial gases with high purity for industrial and medical applications.  Most commonly used industrial gases include oxygen and nitrogen. To begin with oxygen, it is said to constitute 21% of earth’s atmosphere by mass and nitrogen around 79%. However, oxygen and nitrogen used in the…
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How profitable is installing onsite nitrogen generator?

Nitrogen is used extensively in various industries for running their manufacturing & business operations.  It is used in food packaging, manufacturing of electronics and for brewing beer. There are numerous other daily applications of the inert gas. Businesses that require nitrogen are aware of how profitable is installing onsite nitrogen generator. Although you are aware…
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