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How profitable is installing onsite nitrogen generator?

Nitrogen is used extensively in various industries for running their manufacturing & business operations.  It is used in food packaging, manufacturing of electronics and for brewing beer. There are numerous other daily applications of the inert gas. Businesses that require nitrogen are aware of how profitable is installing onsite nitrogen generator. Although you are aware of the increasing costs of nitrogen cylinders but you are not sure of return of investment on purchasing the generator. We are enumerating below the profitability of using the generator.

Factors for determining profits from installing nitrogen generator

Before calculating how profitable installing nitrogen is generator it is imperative that you understand various factors at play. You should calculate how much you are paying for nitrogen delivery including rentals and delivery fees.  And, it is recurring cost that is not going away if you keep using nitrogen cylinders for meeting your requirements. However, you can never overlook the amount of nitrogen that is wastes if you meet your nitrogen your nitrogen needs using cylinders.  It is estimated that 10% of the gas in the cylinder is never used.

Moreover, you have to pay for employee accidents as well as they are working with the liquid nitrogen that is a harmful -320 degrees Fahrenheit.  One also has to account for time wasted in dealing with logistics and picking up of nitrogen cylinders. The employees could spend this time working on something more productive.

Now that you understand various factors that affect profitability or ROI of installing nitrogen generators.  Costs incurred on procuring nitrogen supply through cylinders are considerably more than meeting the requirements through installing an onsite nitrogen generator.  There is no doubt by now you must have formed an idea how profitable is installing onsite nitrogen generator. Besides, you have the freedom to generate as much nitrogen as you want and whenever you want. One can also backup nitrogen for meeting unseen contingencies.

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