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Use of nitrogen for efficient fruit storage

We eat fruit all the year round but it is not grown around the year.  Now, the question is how we get to enjoy fruit all the year around.  Fruit is preserved using controlled atmosphere storage (CA).  By controlling the fruit atmosphere with the help of nitrogen plant, the fruit can be sold around the year.

Why nitrogen is used for keeping fruit fresh?

Oxygen is very damaging for fruits. If fruits are exposed to oxygen, it causes oxidation, produces moisture and helps bacteria to grow.  It also causes mold and mildew that damages the fruit making it unsellable. By using nitrogen, one gets controlled atmosphere where nitrogen removes oxygen and keeps fruit fresh. This process keeps the fruit fresh around the year and the consumers will not able to tell if the fruit is three or four month old.  As chemicals are not used, there is no tinkering with quality.

Customized nitrogen plants for fruit storage

We offer nitrogen plant that are specially customized for controlled atmosphere storage. One can control the flow and purity of nitrogen while generating nitrogen via a nitrogen generator.  For using nitrogen for fruit storage, there are three types of nitrogen generators that are commonly used for the purpose:

Cryogenic nitrogen generator

It taps atmospheric air which is liquefied in the air separation unit for producing nitrogen.  Atmospheric air is compressed and then cleaned off of impurities such as moisture, hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide. Then, the air is passed through heat exchangers where it is cooled to cryogenic temperature. Here, the air is passed through high pressure distillation column where nitrogen is separated from oxygen and other gases. Nitrogen is distilled till it meets commercial specifications of purity.

PSA Nitrogen generator

PSA nitrogen generator is another preferred option for producing onsite nitrogen. This functions by running oxygen through a carbon sieve absorbing oxygen and other gases in the air leaving only nitrogen.  It is much in demands because of quick ROI and incurs low annual expenditure.

Nitrogen membrane generator

Nitrogen membrane is preferred by customers who need high flow and low purity. It is very simple to use and functions using a filter system that removes oxygen from the air.  It requires low maintenance and can be easily customized to meet the requirements of fruit storage facility. They are delivered ready to use

Customers can choose the nitrogen plant that meets their requirement for fruit storage. There is no denying the fact that the generator will fulfill all your nitrogen needs. You will not have to worry about delivery of nitrogen cylinders and reduces cost incurred on purchasing nitrogen. We will help you identify nitrogen generator that meets your flow rate & purity specifications.

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