UV-67, Phase-4, Udyog Vihar(NCR New Delhi)

Acetylene Plant

We are a well established company in India for manufacturing and supplying acetylene plants in technical association with “Cryofusion and Mandressi Italia”. The acetylene generating systems come in different capacities ranging from 15 m3/hr to 200 m3/hr and are based on the most modern and versatile designs. Since the outputs are highly pure, they find application in a number of industries. The systems perform for years without wear and tear and generate acetylene without any interruption.

Salient Features

Our company is appreciated for offering the prompt shipment, quick after sales and guarantee/warranty services. Despite of the fast and safe shipment services, we also send our engineers at client locations to commission our machines. We have a team of professionals to pack the equipment before being shipped. The professionals have desired experience to pack each item carefully in a manner they do not get damaged or misshaped during shipping.

Main Components of the Acetylene Plants

Acetylene Generator : Designed and developed to generate acetylene at a pressure of 7 psi, our acetylene generators generate the gas by having chemical reaction between calcium carbide and water. The gas is constantly required for welding works, repair and construction shops.

Condenser : Our advanced condenser cools and purifies the gas and thus condensing the excessive moisture. Thereafter, the cold water is circulated on the shell side from bottom to top. We fabricate the condenser to suit all local conditions, but sufficient water flow should be maintained.

Low Pressure Dryer : The low pressure dryer is a pressure vessel charged with solid anhydrous carbide which absorbs the moisture in the gas. It turns to fluid and is collected at the bottom and drained.

The LP Purifier : Divided into two sections by wire mesh framework, the each section of the vessel is charged of purifying mass. Each sector is charged with purifying mass which absorbs impurities such as H2S phosgene.

Ammonia Scrubber : This equipment, acquired from the latest technology, has a vertical vessel filled with a level gauge and water make-up line. A particular as marked on the level indicator has to be maintained. The ammonia scrubber removes all the water soluble impurities like ammonia.

Acetylene Compressor : Our acetylene compressor, a multi-stage compressor, is immersed in a water tank to avoid connection of pressurized gas with air and also ensure that all the components are consistently cooled for highest safety. The compressor is well equipped by a flame proof electric motor.

High Pressure Dryer : The high pressure dryer comprises of three columns. The first column is filled with packing to shun any void and to offer proper mixing, while the second and third are filled with anhydrous calcium chloride.

Filling Manifold : The acetylene gas manifold comprises of two headers fitted with non-return valves, one flash back arrestors, pressure gauge and manual isolation valves.